Project Tracking System

Share, Track & Contribute

A cloud-based file-sharing system platform for downloading and uploading of projects materials. This improves the logistics experience between collaborators and provides safe guards such as file versioning procedures.

  • Ensures confirmation and acknowledgment between different collaborators, and centralization of project queries.
  • Live tracking of all project deliverables, project time frame, project advancement status and page progress.
  • Generation of monthly status reports on accuracy ratings of projects (Quality), on-time delivery report (Sales) and billing report (Sales).

Word Normalizer

Auto Cleaning & Auto Styling of Manuscripts

It is Word Plug-in that captures all the typographical elements of a document and ensures its consistency based on typesetting best practices and a marked/tagged manuscript that is mapped to a Word Styling Template.

When applied on basic typesetting features the Word Normalizer can edit, format and style a Manuscript though a fully automated process, no human involvement whatsoever.

Word Sync

Edit Once & Share

It is a web version of MS Word that we re-purposed into a shared platform for a Word document that is being edited/corrected. This makes correction cycles more efficient in general. This can be automatically linked to InDesign as well to shorten correction cycles of text-heavy documents.

Image Compare

View, Compare & Share

Web-based sharing platform for image files enabling versioning, single screen compare, flexible file naming conventions and metadata linking with popular CMS systems.