Publication & Design

Content publishing synergizes the creative energy of design and the rigid settings of structure. Datagrafix offers the complete pre-press cycle and covers a wide array of design and editing services through people and technology. From Design Templates to Manuscripts to XML, we cater to a meaningful consolidation of the latter aspects in content publishing.

Project management

Datagrafix offers full-service project management. Collaborate with experienced multi-lingual project managers. You will optimize your production costs by having our people fill in for your production coordination and desk editing needs.

  • On-shore Project Management
  • Off-shore Project Management
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Editorial Management
  • Author coordination
  • Publication planning and schedule
  • Page budget management
  • PDF Packaging & deliverables

Data Conversion

Digital content consumption is the driving force of the publishing industry. Information technology converts content into data,  which enables endless application possibilities. Datagrafix focuses on the more popular formats such as e-books, apps and XML. Combined with our typesetting expertise, we can provide consultation on the most meaningful workflow for your preferred end-format(s).

  • Data Capture & OCR
  • XML Conversion
  • Word to RTF to XML
  • InDesign to XML (Round-tripping)
  • E-Book Creation

Manga & Comics

Illustrated publications offer different challenges that demands experienced operations. Japanese manga source content requires Multi-lingual Re-lettering processes and technologies. Graphic novels/comics requires image retouching and re-drawing. Datagrafix has also packaged the latter core expertise with E-book conversion workflows, the newest frontier for publishers.

  • Unretouched Image Layout
  • Text Frame Creation
  • Text Flowing
  • Relinking Retouched Images
  • Fine Tuning of Text Layout
  • PDF Creation
Data Conversion
  • Scanning and Alignment
  • Clearing Speech Balloons
  • e-Manga Conversion
  • Mobi Conversion
Image Processing
  • Erasing of Text with Background
  • Restoration of Background Details
  • SFX Creation

Imaging Services

What we once viewed on paper is now appreciated on screen. This has paved the way for a new industry, the Graphic Arts. A technology-driven art form that occupies an important aspect of content publishing, the aesthetics of content.

Datagrafix can easily accommodate for the visual counterpart of your publication. Our graphic artists offer an extensive list of expertise for all forms of images, artworks, graphs and charts.

General Image Services
  • Image Assessment
  • Prepress Checking
  • File Format Conversion
  • Color Mode Conversion
  • Standard Style and Specifications
  • Scanning
  • Image Extraction
Photographic Details
  • Background removal (Dropout)
  • Perspective & Distortion Correction
  • Image Enhancement
  • Removal of Noise and Moire
  • Photo Restoration
  • Image Retouching & Manipulation
Image Processing
  • Artwork Editing
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Artwork Composition
  • Art Conceptualization