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Word Normalizer

Auto Cleaning and Auto Styling

It is Word Plug-in that captures all the typographical elements of a document and ensures its consistency based on typesetting best practices and a marked/tagged manuscript that is mapped to a Word Styling Template. When applied on basic typesetting features the Word Normalizer can edit, format and style a Manuscript though a fully automated process, no human involvement whatsoever.

Online Corrector

It is a web version of MS Word that we repurposed into a shared platform for a Word document that is being edited/corrected. This makes correction cycles more efficient in general. This can be automatically linked to InDesign as well to shorten correction cycles of text-heavy documents.

Go Proof

GoProof is an online proofing add-on for Adobe CC to help editors collaborate correction cycles more efficiently. When applying edits and corrections, all concerned collaborators can visualize the impact on the layout and access a history of edits/ corrections.

InDesign Solutions

For more advanced typesetting features, we use InDesign as pagination software. From a styled and formatted Word, our compositors further enrich the document in InDesign. Aside from manual assembly and fine-tuning, we have developed and implemented InDesign Scripts and plug-ins to optimize production time and quality. We automate the following:

  • Table Styling
  • Widows & orphans
  • Auto-index marker
  • Hyphenations
  • InDesign to XML round tripping
  • ePub Creation
  • Image placement
  • Balloon text placement

XML-Automated Styling and Text Placement

Using XML tags, each line of text in the manga translation are mapped to the correct page with the correct paragraph and character styles. With the proper preparation of the InDesign Document and our custom-built InDesign plugin, text for each dialog balloon are accurately and sequentially placed, minimizing the need for manual adjustment.

Kindle Previewer

The Kindle Previewer is able to accurately render an ebook to emulate its appearance across various Kindle devices and reader apps. Its use during quality checking ensures that all layout issues in the ebook are fixed prior to uploading.