“Your Partner in Digital Publishing”


Data Capture, Conversion, and Enhancement

Datagrafix can create SGML, XML, HTML, eBook and ePub Mobi files to produce reusable, Internet-ready content. We specialize in the conversion of content with foreign languages, scientific text, and e-commerce-specific data such as catalogs and e-books. Our highly skilled staff provides customized conversions and quality-control tools using Java, XSLT, VBA, Scripting languages. We can also provide the conversion of books into interactive, hyperlinked, hybrid Windows/Mac OS CDs.

Multilingual Capability

Datagrafix can process content with both common and scientific text in multiple languages including British and American English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, ancient and modern Greek and Hebrew, as well as transliterations and phonetics. We have extensive experience in handling multilingual sources while maintaining high data accuracy.

Integrated Print/Electronic Workflow Solutions

Datagrafix utilizes a customized Adobe InDesign application to accept XML content using its built-in support for XML and DTD's. With this customized approach, publishers can accomplish successful 'round-tripping' between XML and InDesign. We are an InDesign Plug-In developer and can further tailor-make workflows to your needs.

We also utilize QuarkXPress workflows to transform manuscript files into XML using semi-automated processes. Composition files are then manually fine-tuned within QuarkXPress, allowing published files to be transformed back into XML to allow corrections.

Composition and Editorial

Datagrafix has 25 years of experience in composition and editorial services, and has processed millions of pages for prominent publishers in Europe and the United States. Our processes include options for XML workflow to enable high data integrity when working with different page composition tools.

We utilize systems that allow continuous editing and updating of content while layout is ongoing. We have the technology and skill to handle data-driven content and database publishing for catalogs, directories, and manuals, as well as the creation of indexes.

We produce our own travel guides and infomaps, and are highly familiar with the publishing cycle. As such, we can provide editorial services such as copywriting, editing, and research.