“Your Partner in Digital Publishing”

Typographical Design & Layout

  • Book and Journal Covers Design
  • Establishment of typographical design concepts
  • Preparation of standard templates

Layout & Composition

  • Pagination
  • Copy-fitting
  • Management of figures and illustrations
  • Index Creation

PDF Packaging

  • Ready-to-print PDF
  • E-Book Creation
  • Web-ready PDF & PDF with watermarks
  • PDF Acrobat File Compare (Quality Management)

Desk Editing / Project Management

  • Editorial Management
  • Author coordination
  • Publication planning and page budget
  • Packaging of deliverables

MS Word Manuscript Normalization

  • Copy Editing
  • Text Cleaning
  • Document Styling
  • Reference Styling
  • Many Indo-European and Afroasiatic Languages are handled

Image Processing

  • Artwork Composition
  • Image Dropout
  • Image Retouching
  • Image Scanning with Retouching

Data Conversion

  • Data Capture & OCR
  • XML Conversion
  • Word to RTF to XML
  • InDesign to XML (round-tripping)
  • XML rendering

Layout & Composition

  • Image Layout - unretouched version
  • Text Frame Creation
  • Text Flowing
  • Relinking of images - retouched version
  • Re-lettering – fine tuning of text layout
  • PDF Creation

Image Processing

  • Erasing of text with background
  • Restoration of background details
  • SFX Creation

Data Conversion

  • Scanning and Alignment
  • Erasing of text in speech balloons
  • e-Manga Conversion
  • Mobi Conversion

Image Services

As a comprehensive solutions provider, Datagrafix also offers auxiliary services such as image processing, image enhancement and manipulation, and the creation and reproduction of simple and complex charts, tables and diagrams, and engineering and medical illustrations.

High-end photo retouching and color correction

Relettering text and sound boxes for manga (Japanese comic books)

Comic book illustration, scanning and colorization

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