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Datagrafix has years of experience in the production of K–12 textbooks for subjects such as Math, History, Biology, and Chemistry — in languages such as English, Spanish, French, and German. We also have a growing practice in collegiate-level textbooks.

From a single source file, Datagrafix can produce various editions based on conditional content — such as editions representing different states or languages. We produce high-quality, printer-ready PDF files for standard print, and can also prepare files for conversion to electronic formats (e.g., HTML with embedded multimedia features for Web publishing) or specialized formats (e.g., NIMAS).

Our production services include typesetting and composition with options for XML workflow. Our structured XML workflow enables us to work with page composition programs such as InDesign+InCopy, QuarkXPress, and FrameMaker while content is being finalized. Your content can be continuously edited and updated while layout is ongoing. We also work well with client-based workflow systems such as K4 and WoodWing.

Academic Books & Journals

We at Datagrafix are proud of our longstanding relationships with prominent academic publishers in the United States and Europe. We provide a combination of core services such as liaising with authors and editorial staff, providing composition and typesetting with optional XML workflow, and providing PDF soft proofs and printer-ready PDF files that meet printers' standards.

In addition to providing core services for academic books, we can also create specialized illustrations, re-create graphs and maps, enhance or manipulate images, and prepare files for conversion to HTML and other electronic formats.

Academic journals, on the other hand, figure prominently in our XML workflow. We have provided XML tagging (including headers and bibliography) for inclusion in online libraries, proofreading and copyediting for English text, and composition and typesetting in European, Asian, Middle Eastern, and biblical languages.

Datagrafix has produced academic books on nearly every topic including History, Literature, Law, and Social Studies, as well as hundreds of academic journals on various fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Accounting, IT, Education, Management, Science and Technology, and Ecology.

Dictionaries, Language Books & Encyclopedias

At Datagrafix, our multilingual capability and efficient workflows are a great fit for data-driven publications like language books, encyclopedias, and dictionaries. We have processed content for these publications in languages apart from English, such as German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, classical and modern Arabic, Aramaic, ancient and modern Hebrew, ancient and modern Greek, Coptic, Syriac, Chinese, Thai, Korean, Khmer, Mongolian, Dari and Ethiopian.

Our extensive experience in multilingual publishing has equipped us with the capability to handle additional scripts.

We can access content management systems to tag and compose content either per entry or per page. Our image services support specialized illustrations and image scanning, manipulation, and enhancement.

Training Guides & Manuals

Datagrafix can meet the complex specification needs of highly technical training guides and manuals such as those used in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. We provide copywriting, copyediting, image manipulation, raster-to-vector conversion, creation of illustrations, and page and cover design.

Raster-to-vector image conversion


Datagrafix offers a comprehensive range of services that improves efficiency, accuracy, and production turnaround time for print and electronic catalog publishing.

We have extensive experience in handling data-driven content and can prepare data for publishing in print and other multimedia formats (Web, CD, DVD). We can gather various files such as spreadsheets, text, XML, databases, PDF files, images, Flash files, and others into a single repository of data from which we can produce multiple catalog versions or other promotional materials (e.g. price lists, brochures, and fliers).

We can develop style sheets that filter selected data to include in your catalog. These filters determine how your data should be formatted and sorted, enabling a single catalog to be customized for different audiences and marketing needs. Automatic updating of content through linked data (including product descriptions, prices, and images) allows the layout files to constantly reflect updates from client databases.

We can generate keywords and keyword phrases to improve customer search capability in electronic and online catalogs, enabling potential buyers to quickly and accurately locate items they need. We can also provide tagging to improve visibility of your online catalogs on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Trade Publications

Datagrafix can handle industrial-strength production workflows for publications such as novels, provide pre/post-press services for graphic-heavy publications like coffee table books, as well as provide layout, image processing, and editorial services for glossy magazines. In recognition of our expertise, we were awarded a Silver Medal at the Asian Print Awards.

We provide professional project management services throughout the course of the project — from coordinating with clients during composition and editorial stages to meet the required specifications, to providing printer supervision in the Asia-Pacific region during the final stage of the project.

Mapping Services

Datagrafix provides first-rate mapping services to publishers, top corporations, and other map users. With a fully trained team of GIS specialists, seasoned cartographers, layout artists and graphic designers dedicated to its mapping services, Datagrafix has become the leading publisher of printed maps in the Philippines under the brand Accu-map.

Image Services

As a comprehensive solutions provider, Datagrafix also offers auxiliary services such as image processing, image enhancement and manipulation, and the creation and reproduction of simple and complex charts, tables and diagrams, and engineering and medical illustrations.

High-end photo retouching and color correction

Relettering text and sound boxes for manga (Japanese comic books)

Comic book illustration, scanning and colorization

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