“Your Partner in Digital Publishing”

Key Benefits

Cost Reduction

Our Philippine-based facility operates on lower overhead costs without sacrificing quality or timeliness – allowing our valued clients to realize significant cost savings.

Increased Speed to Market

Our cutting edge technology enables content revision as page composition is ongoing. In addition, our coordination offices in several time zones allow your projects to be managed in your time zone and processed during off operation hours, helping you better manage your deadlines.

Single Source Publishing

Datagrafix can digitize files in traditional formats, structure data, develop templates, and provide workflows that enable single source publishing. As a result, your content can be readily repackaged to reach a wider audience through multiple versions such as HTML, XML, CD, DVD, print-ready PDF files, e books, and mobile device content.

Enhanced Marketability of Your Data

Datagrafix has expertise in database engineering, XML, and bibliographic tagging which can help push your content into multiple markets, online libraries, and bookstores.

Expert Handling of Complex Projects

Datagrafix offers extensive expertise in managing projects that require multiple contributors, multiple languages, and multiple tasks to be performed on a high volume of pages.

Quality Outsourcing

Datagrafix employs and trains only competent college graduate professionals to ensure high quality results. Over the years, our team has achieved excellence in the services we provide, enabling the company to build and maintain long-standing professional relationships with clients.

Language Diversity

English is the predominant language used in day-to day communication both within the company and with the majority of our clients However, we also have on staff native speakers of other languages such as French, German, and Mandarin. This diversity is a key advantage for Datagrafix in understanding project instructions and coordinating with clients from different parts of the world.