“Your Partner in Digital Publishing”



Datagrafix delivers cost-effective digital publishing and imaging services with a strong commitment to quality, relevance and your satisfaction at all times.

Quality as Individual and Collective Responsibility

We incorporate a passion for quality into our goals, policies, systems, processes and practices. All employees are thus empowered to be responsible for project quality at their point in the work cycle. We also invest in research, development and continuous training of employees to improve our workflow and output.

This way, whether your project involves multiple titles, hundreds or thousands of pages, multiple languages and/or different formats, you can be sure that the print-ready, web-ready, or mobile-ready file you get is according to your specifications.

Relevance through Constant Evolution

Datagrafix provides XML analysis and ebook conversion, composition, artwork, editorial services, multilingual publishing and project management, with customized workflows for your books, journals, or other publications. We execute and test on the latest publishing software and hardware, including compatibility with mobile devices. We work with European languages, modern Latin, biblical and Middle Eastern languages, East Asian languages, and more.

When we started in 1989, the lineup of services was quite different. Back then, we offered phototypesetting, color separation and other services that have been rendered obsolete by newer technologies.

How have we stayed relevant through the years? By listening to you, our customers. By monitoring developments in the publishing and business process outsourcing (BPO) industries. By adopting new knowledge, tools and skills. And, most of all, by making tough decisions such as letting go of services that you no longer need, and offering new services that add value to your business.


Your Satisfaction, Every Time

We understand that you have budgets and deadlines, too. That’s why we deliver on time and on budget. From the start, we communicate closely with you to ensure proper assessment of your requirements, timely progress and responsive post-delivery service.

Our clients’ satisfaction is proven by our long-standing client relationships with publishers, international aid organizations, universities and other organizations. Some of them have been with us from the start. Now, 25 years later, we are still here providing the full range of publishing support you need, with locations in Europe, the United States, Asia and East Africa.

Visit the Datagrafix Contacts page today to experience competent, efficient and worry-free outsourced publishing services.