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About DataGrafix

Datagrafix delivers cost effective prepress and publishing services with a strong commitment to quality and timeliness. Our production facilities are operated by our Philippine-based parent company Asiatype Inc., established in 1989 by a group of Filipino and European entrepreneurs.

Datagrafix offers a wide array of services including XML analysis and conversion, composition and editorial services, multilingual publishing, prepress services, artwork conversion, and mapping services. Full-time coordination and sales offices in New Jersey, Paris, Hamburg, and Manila enable the company to accommodate a growing clientele in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and to fulfill a variety of publishing and corporate needs.

With 25 years in the industry and production facilities located in the growing BPO center of Manila, we are capable of expanding our capacity quickly to meet any client's needs. Since its inception, Datagrafix has produced thousands of language books, journals, textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, trade books, comic books, catalogs, directories, travel guides, maps, and training guides and manuals in print and electronic formats.